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Truly Outrageous: The Music of Jem

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I love animation. It's probably my favorite pop culture topic that I know nothing about. The behind-the-scenes, making-of, the people involved... I couldn't tell you anything about them, and in my never-ending quest for knowledge of all things useless, I've actually accepted this is an avenue I simply don't have the time to travel. As it is, I barely have the bandwidth for watching the final product of all that behind-the-scenes work, and when I do, I'm lucky to make it through a 22-minute episode of anything without falling asleep, or one of my kids burning down the house.


I'm also short on research time, but yeah, I also love that, too. Specifcally, researching and creating infographics. The more obscure, the more exhaustive, the better. Until Tubi removed the 1966 Batman from its lineup earlier this year, I was compiling a comprehensive list of every sound effect and Robin's "Holy..." quotes with the intent of creating some sort of infographic that only I could possibly care about. Kind of like this Jem infographic depicting every song sung throughout the series' mid-80s run, which also doubles as a bit of a primer to the series. (Plenty more random infographics like this coming as time allows.)

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