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Everyone from X-Men: Alpha #1

When my friend Robbie told me Marvel was going to cancel the X-Men, I lost my mind, and made it a point to collect every issue I could find. Not because I was a diehard fan. No, I was a brilliant tweenage speculator.

But the compulsive quick-bucking did turn into true fandom, and soonafter, I was hooked. Not that it was farfetched to begin with. I religiously watched the FOX animated series and collected all manner of Marvel-related trading cards, but X-Men and the Marvel Universe at large.

Still, it was a major, major moment when I first picked up the chrome-covered X-Men: Alpha #1. Joe Madureira was my favorite artist at the time, and there's... there's... Wolverine on the cover... with ONE HAND?!?

My mind was blown, and it's in honor of that awesome comic that after four years or so, I return to the headspace that created and bring this small update, featuring the entire cast of X-Men: Alpha #1. Going forward, presenting these sprites as animated GIFs on my space here at is where you'll find new X-folk. (Mostly because I can't figure out how to efficiently add more art to the original site, and make it load faster.) There are a few series and key issues I plan on recreating in the near future, including the entirety of the original Age of Apocalypse.

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