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The meandering debacle known as my life has served to inspire my art and horrify others. In no particular order, I volunteered at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, worked on the set of Red State – a movie written and directed by Kevin Smith – took up improv at UCB Theatre in New York, got drunk out of the Stanley Cup – THRICE – rode a lot of jet skis, broke several jet skis, played as mascot to a baseball team in Texas (Frisco Rough Riders) and a hockey team in New Jersey (the NHL's Devils), beat flesh-eating bacteria, painted a strip club's logo onto a 16-foot wrestling ring (such a weird flex), spent 18 months homeless in New York City while holding down a plum job in advertising, miraculously survived an impossible car wreck – it regrettably ended my aspirations of becoming a pro wrestler: Shredded Wheat, the Cereal Killer – and devoured MANY pizzas from behind the counter of Antonio’s, a slice of Heaven at Thayer Street, Providence, RI. I picked up a marathoning habit (9 of 50 states completed; all under four hours) before overtraining took out my IT band. Just as well, since starting a family sort of filled the block of time I used for running and exercise anyway. I now have a wife I adore, and a pair of scamps I cannot live without. I did just that, though, when I left them all to join the Navy at 39-years-old (six months before Uncle Sam's expiration date on my eligibility) to test myself against kids half my age. Oh, and one time, my house burned down, totally unrelated to the homeless stint. I have a lived a life, and will continue to do so. Say yes to adventure. 

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