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Out of Control

I bought a Nintendo Switch for the family. It arrived the other day, and after a 14-hour workday, I set it up at 1AM Friday morning to eliminate any possibility of wasting prime weekend gaming time.

TANGENT: Here are some old video game controllers I painted between 2012–2016.

If I remember correctly, the more natural-looking NES controller was painted first, followed by the psychedelic version, the Genesis remote, and finally, X-Box. I won't lie, I'm a poseur. I've never even played X-Box. Ever! In fact, as I type, I'm starting to think the way I type "X-Box" outs me.

(One quick Google search later...) Yup. Its Xbox, and my X-Men spelling shows I am either old and out of touch, or just a completely different kind of nerd.

It's both, actually.

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