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Indiana Jones and Frozen Drink

No secret that I'm a pop culture junkie. Throwing it back to an old painting of mine – since sold – from May 2013. At the time, I also had sketches of Two-Face enjoying a Twix, and the Silver Surfer offering up a Big Gulp to Galactus. Neither were produced, and I moved onto other things.

"Indiana Jones and the Frozen Drink," acrylic on 18x24" (landscape) canvas; May 2013.


And I completely forgot about this endorsement from 7-11. Man. This is when my online handle for all things was still Foogos, although by 2013, I wasn't making much art from food anymore.

Some fun Indiana Jones trivia, via Mental Floss:

Dan Aykroyd (not a crew member) appears as an airport official who walks the cast to the plane.

From Yahoo!:

Spielberg wanted Karen Allen to appear in The Temple of Doom, but he and Lucas had already decided to use a different heroine for each new film.

TANGENT: Karen Allen is my cousin. That’s a true story… but its a different Karen Allen.

Harrison Ford and Pat Roach are the only actors to appear in each of the first three movies. Roach played the German plane mechanic in Raiders, a Thugee guard crushed by a roller in The Temple of Doom, and a Gestapo agent in The Last Crusade. Roach died of cancer in 2004. The Temple of Doom is actually a prequel, set before the events in Raiders and The Last Crusade.

Empire has some great blurbs from various players in Temple of Doom. Here’s a gem from Steven Spielberg:

The second film I could have done a lot better if there had been a different story. It was a good learning exercise for me to really throw myself into a black hole. I came out of the darkness of Temple Of Doom and I entered the light of the woman I was eventually going to marry [Kate Capshaw] and raise a family with.
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