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Capitol Wrestling

Scott is one of the most professional and enjoyable artists I've dealt with in my 13 years in producing content. He exceeds expectations and timelines with a quality rarely matched; someone I have on retainer. 

Executive Producer, Capitol Media


Scott is an unstoppable creative force. He's genuinely passionate, while an elite professional. His commanding knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking launched our project to the next level. He's a true gift to any team. 

Founder, The Sewer Den
Director of Creative, Nickelodeon


It's hard to imagine our company being in the position its in without Scott's creative direction. It's harder to decide whether his timeliness, creativity, or attitude is the most valuable asset he brings to the team.

Owner, Stat-Tech Surgical Supply Company


Scott is a mad genius, and I'm glad he's my mad genius. If I need edits to my website, a newsletter composed and laid out, a new brochure, or just want to bounce ideas off someone, Scott is the guy.  Always the guy.

Professional crowd igniter and public speaker

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