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Old hat: Devils minor league logos

Updated: May 7, 2022

If it's bad form to wear a tee shirt of the band you're seeing in concert (absolutely stupid rule, by the way), it's probably significantly worse to own merch of logos you've designed. My kids think it's cool, though, and I gotta ride that wave as long as I can, because I'm on the cusp of "drop me off at the corner and I'll walk the rest of the way."

The Lowell Devils and Albany Devils logo designs bookend my tenure with the New Jersey Devils. Warts and all, I still hold these in high regard as far as personal accomplishments go. In Lowell's case, my contribution was combining pre-existing iconography (the skating devil, created by SME in 1995) with the original "L" modeled after the iconic "NJ" of the NHL team's uniforms. When the team moved to Albany, President and General Manager Lou Lamoriello simply wanted an "A" Devilized, and that's that.

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