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All X-Men is a website/infographic that features every character to ever appear in the 545 issues of Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 1). Over 2,500 sprites were created in a simple vector “X” shape, from every iteration of Cyclops’ costume down to the random bystanders who appear in any given issue over the comic’s 50-year run. Additional characters from other series will occasionally pop up here, usually in animated GIF bundles.

History of the WWF

My first major infographic, this undertaking highlights every champion (World, Intercontinental, Tag Team, European, etc), King of the RIng and Royal Rumble winner, followed by every non-jobber to have competed in a WWWF–WWF ring from the company's debut in 1963 up to Chris Jericho unifying the WWF and WCW titles in 2001.

Ice Cream Social

A socially distant art show highlighting artists around the globe in an online gallery, and informal Q&A, with topics ranging from creators’ backgrounds and processes to anecdotes about the beloved frozen treat. Independently researched sidebars add additional flavor and readability to the two dozen profiles and exhibits.

The ColleXion

As creative director on a fan-made trading card set celebrating the X-Men, I recruited artists with disparate styles, unifying them under a simple design to evoke the core metaphor of the comic, and compiled back matter. An interactive PDF accompanied a limited print run. All 50 sets sold out in a matter of hours, raising over $1500 for the Equal Justice Initiative. A follow-up series (ColleXion: RefleXions) nearly tripled this donation contribution.

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