Clients and assorted independent projects to pass the time


With thousands of comics in a collection worth a cumulative total of... $11, a wife with no interest in the medium, and a house that lacks square footage worthy of MTV Cribs, it was time to do something. So these old funnybooks –along with magazines and any other paper-ish products/trash – have been upcycled into brand new one-of-a-kind portraits and icons.


A passion project of playing with food, recreating iconic logos out of lunch. The results went viral across social media, ultimately landing within the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Kino Lorber

Cover art for DVDs, Blu-Rays and box sets for independent films distributed by Kino Lorber, "a new leader in independent film distribution." 


Professional print and web design in both the advertising and sports industries.


Assorted paintings – both acrylic and watercolor – and a bunch of drawings – ink, washes, pastels, colored pencils.


Medal and race shirt designs for an organization that "offers unique running events throughout the valley that work in harmony with nature, challenge you in creative ways, and offer a personal touch not possible in mass production races," including a top 25 best finishers' medal of 2013, as ranked by Marathon & Beyond.

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