No one cares about Uncanny X-Men #286 like I care about Uncanny X-Men #286. In 1992, en route to a family trip to South Carolina, my parents gave me a couple bucks in the Newark Airport for comics. This was the first current-at-the-time issue of X-Men I had ever purchased. The second part of a trilogy, I had no idea what was going on, who any of these characters were, and which of them were even X-Men. (I thought a minor character named Primate, who has never appeared again, was one of the actual X-Men, and I thought she was cool as hell.) Over the years, I used to store valuables – money, passport, etc – in the bag-and-board sleeve that housed this issue in my longbox. It's truly my favorite single issue ever.

Apologies to Jim Lee #286

  • This series of homages to some of my favorite comic book issues and covers were painted in a faux pixelated form as a nod to another cherished pop culture staple of mine growing up: the Nintendo Entertainment System. The process became a fun, abstract puzzle to assemble, the kind of tedious task I have always considered a labor of love.